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The Story
A seasoned entrepreneur was looking to start his next business venture but needed a team with the savvy to carry out his dream from idea conception to launch. The idea? A website that utilized crowdfunding as the catalyst for making groundbreaking events happen.

The Work
Phase 1: Strategy, Market Research & Prototyping
The first step in helping his abstract idea become a reality was to define a specific direction, which we were able to outline after extensive brainstorming sessions, competitor research, analysis, market definition and research. With a clear strategy defined and a new name selected - Newstarter - the next step was to develop a prototype to test how users interacted with a basic version of the proposed website model. The feedback gathered from several focus groups validated the strength of our original idea and provided us crucial insight on how to further improve users’ experience with Newstarter.

Phase 2: Brand Positioning, Logo Development & Go-To-Market Strategy
After creating a detailed business strategy, it was time to tackle how to position Newstarter as a brand, and that meant thinking long term: What is Newstarter’s mission? How do we want the world to perceive Newstarter? What do we want to be the future of Newstarter? We not only answered these important questions, but also addressed alternative scenarios that identified future potential challenges and situations the company could encounter. A clear Brand Action and Component Plan contained specific activities that needed to take place in order to accurately convey the Newstarter brand, and an expertly crafted logo and brand system kept all materials looking unified and cohesive. To define the specific steps Newstarter needed to take to reach customers and achieve competitive advantage, we developed a detailed Go-To-Market Strategy. This strategy outlined the company’s Value Proposition, Market Segmentation, Channel Strategy, Promotion Plan and Operating/Launch Plan.

Phase 3: The Website
The key to creating a successful website for Newstarter was to base all design and development decisions around what would create the highest quality experience for the user. The site’s homepage provides a brief description of Newstarter’s mission and allows users to either continue to the current campaigns or navigate to a page containing more information on the company. Crowdfunding functionality allows users to donate to causes of their choosing, and the site was also designed to be responsive for mobile and tablet users.

The Results
As word continues to spread about Newstarter and its mission to making newsworthy events happen, the number of site visits and amount of money donated to making these events happen grows daily.