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The Story
Practickle is a research-based early education program that allows parents, caregivers and teachers to help children ages 3-7 improve their reading comprehension and reasoning skills through completing a series of guided readings each month during the time they already spend reading together: their daily storytime routine. To reach their goal of helping children improve their reasoning skills while in their most crucial stage of development, the Practickle team needed a strategic marketing plan and a website overhaul.

The Work
Phase 1: Research and Planning
To kick off the project, we performed a thorough examination of Practickle's marketing plan at the time, as well as an analysis of their competitors and current market trends. Based on our findings, we prepared a six month Go-To-Market Strategy that included strategic/tactical plans for market segmentation, channel strategy, promotion planning, as well as a website re-launch and marketing calendar.

Phase 2: Website Design and Development
Our goals when re-launching Practickle's website were more than just making cosmetic improvements. We started the overhaul by restructuring their site map and rewriting their current content. After renaming and simplifying their membership levels and creating custom dashboards for each type of membership, we added auto-signup and auto-renewal capabilities, an Ecommerce feature and rebuilt their gift card system to further improve the user experience. Revamped reading guides for subscribers that looked cohesive when printed and bound in a notebook completed the website transformation.

Phase 3: Social Media
Making a plan to increase Practickle's social media presence was key when strategixing how to drive traffic to their all-new website. We ramped up their efforts on the social media sites they currently had and created accounts on the platforms where we saw the need. A well-planned calendar ensured that their social posts were not just frequent, but also strategic. We also created a marketing plan for reaching out to bloggers in the early childhood education sector to build relationships and gain publicity.

The Results
Practickle's brand awareness has grown dramatically since enlisting our help, as they continue to gain more subscribers by the day and are frequently featured in the press for being a necessary resource for caregivers and teachers to improve children's reading comprehension skills.