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Public Consulting Group

The Story
Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) is a management consulting firm that primarily serves public sector education, health, human services and other state, county and municipal government clients. PCG approached MOD wanting to optimize the web interfaces of their state clients’ cost reporting tools. Because of the extensive and complicated nature of these interfaces, PCG wanted creative that were more user-friendly and helped their clients navigate their complex systems in a easier way.
The Work
Our design and development team began by assessing the current design and functionality of PCG’s Colorado and Wisconsin interfaces. True to what PCG had originally expressed, these interfaces were structured and designed in a way that did not maximize user experience. We provided consulting on best practices for these interfaces and eventually developed an all-new system of webpages with improved UI and UX that optimized the end-user experience and maintained PCG’s clean, professional aesthetic.      
The Result
With an all-new UI/UX design, PCG is able to better facilitate completion of their clients’ various cost reporting tools. These interfaces are now more suited for the end-user’s usability and reflect a higher design standard than prior systems.