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The Story
BrainJuice is a natural brain energy elixir made from concentrated whole food extracts, including Alpha-GPC, amino acids, antioxidants, omega-3s and other micronutrients. Unhappy with the outcome of their existing logo, Brainjuice came to use for assistance refining their logo for application on various collateral.
The Work
When BrainJuice initially approached us, they had a very solid concept for what they wanted their logo to look like but were struggling in with execution. Together we were able to adapt a fresh, clean logo using their original concept to fully capture the identity of BrainJuice. After finalizing the logo, we then went on to produce bottle logos and unique “pop boxes” for both packaging and display.
The Results
With a completely freshened logo and all new packaging, BrainJuice has been able to solidify themselves as a true alternative to typical energy stimulants. BrainJuice rapidly expanded their area of distribution and now offers online shipping to meet their growing demand.