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Manuel's Restaurant

The Story

An Austin staple for more than 25 years, Manuel's Restaurant needed a strategy to increase brand awareness amidst a growing population of new mexican restaurants. We worked with them to make vital changes to their website and improve their social profiles for better brand representation.

The Work
Phase 1: The Digital Frontier

Foundation Building
We migrated the existing website to a content management system to allow for easier client access and editing, and ensuring proper layout across all new pages. In addition, there were multiple flash elements that we replaced with JavaScript functionality for proper viewing across the most popular devices (including iPhone and iPad). Lastly, we worked with their rewards card management provider to implement a new digital rewards system that made it more convenient for cardholders to check their points and giftcard balances online.

With everything running smoothly, it was time to examine their website analytics. Using these metrics, we were able to determine content changes that would improve the user experience and improve their search engine results. We re-structured the main menu to better follow the flow of visitor traffic and created new content pages to house information about the rich history of Manuel's and their emphasis on quality and community. We continued to assess their progress each month, refreshing content and meta descriptions site-wide to encourage increased traffic for specific key phrases, including "mexican restaurant austin."

Phase 2: Social Studies

The Setup
With a fully functioning website, properly structured menus and revitalized content, it was time to tell the masses.  Based on web traffic, their most popular site for discovery and reviews was UrbanSpoon, so we claimed ownership of both their Great Hills and Downtown locations and updated these listings with new photos, hours and website information. The next few steps involved continued claiming and creating of social profiles to ensure their presence around the web.

- Claimed Google Places and Google + Local pages for their downtown location and updated with new photos
- Created a YouTube channel to host their promotional video, for easy viewing and sharing across multiple devices and social platforms
- Migrated their existing Facebook profile to an actual Facebook Business Page for increased functionality and easier user interaction
- Created a Pinterest account to showcase their popular menu items, promote their Mexican cultural heritage, and share the love of their Austin home

The Interaction
Following these initial claims, creations and revamps, we continued to maintain their Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Actively engaging followers and the Austin community, we continued to post on their behalf including rave reviews, Austin news and entertainment, Happy Hour promotions, Sunday Brunch reminders, Live Music Performances, popular menu items and photo share contests.

The Results
The Manuel's website reached the first page of search engine results and the number one Google Places result for "mexican food austin." Their social profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest continued to see growth each week in both fan engagement and number of followers.