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A Game

The Story
What IS AGame? AGame is a movement. A movement that represents achievement, growth, reaching one's full potential. The brand would become a motivational, aspirational movement for success in all areas of life.

The Work
We knew where we wanted to go, but needed some backup info to progress. Market research and competitive analysis led us to further define this movement as a lifestyle that begins when you "find" your AGame. Our tagline, Find It. Bring It. Live It., would encompass all areas of an individual's goal from beginning to end. We determined that users would enter the AGame lifestyle by completing an initial assessment concerning their desired goals, followed by a series of steps and resources for success. Building the assessment required considerable research. In addition to evaluating existing methods, we reached out to several accredited communications and psychology professors for their expertise.

The Results
With all of the core components in place, we were able to give AGame a face. We delivered a teaser website that encouraged interested users to sign up for forthcoming information. AGame also had an informative investor presentation to introduce potential supporters to the brand and its mission.